Partner webinar PayProp + Xero makes finance easy

Access our Landlord Studio benefits for accountants and CPAs, to help you turn unprofitable clients into higher revenue-generating clients. With Xero as our partner, we’re working towards removing the friction between sales and accounting by connecting the dots in the customer journey. From the first visit to your website, to closing a deal, and getting your invoices paid. Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. Watch the 1099 webinar to learn about the latest features and see an end-to-end demo in Xero.

Accounting Software: Xero Webinar

In this video, we show you how Landlord Studio and Xero can be used together to create a seamless client experience, helping your clients reduce financial tracking errors and providing you the information you need when you need it. Save time and make managing your property clients easier with the powerful integration of Xero and Landlord Studio, designed specifically for rental properties. Join Will Farnell as he sits down with James Ashford of GoProposal, as well as customers Gavin and Claire to discuss the importance or REALLY knowing your customers.

Exclusive HubSpot Pricing for Xero Partners

When you connect your accounting software to your CRM, great things start to happen. You begin to fully understand who your best customers are, the lifetime revenue of a customer, and even the payment status of a customer. Treva graduated Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. After putting those skills to work at a Fortune 100 company, she realized she loved the theory more than the practice, and decided to teach accounting instead. She joined Xero in 2016 and loves helping people learn more about her favorite accounting software by creating and presenting Xero’s educational content.

Accounting Software: Xero Webinar