5 Best Collaboration Platforms for Developers by Taufik R Quick Code

This makes it possible for other users to view the screen and observe the behavior in real time, which is great for situations like online meetings or presentations. We can save time and effort by sharing the screen rather than sending files, documents, or movies and hence it is one of the popular collaboration tools for software development teams. Team collaboration tools are also beginning to merge with modern collaboration platforms. Existing project management software, for example, offers various features to enhance collaboration, including task updates, progress visualization charts and file sharing capabilities.

Working as a team drives creative thinking, offers alternative viewpoints, and helps accelerate product development. Every team member is aware of their own role and accountability, so they can perform more efficiently, resulting ultimately in more successful software. Group objectives and individual objectives can all be collectively achieved by the use oa web collaboration tools. Each team must be able to develop a full feature of your product end-to-end on its own without being dependent on another team.

Does Office 365 have collaboration tools?

You can also use the service to store your files locally on remote servers, easily switch between computers, and quickly onboard new developers. Google Drive is a cloud storage service that includes features to store, share, and collaborate on files and folders from any mobile device, tablet, or computer. Google Drive integrates seamlessly with Google Docs, Sheets, and What Are The Software Development Models? Slides, enabling a team to collaborate effectively in real time. Microsoft Outlook is an email and calendar service that helps users to organize their email and focus on the messages that matter most. It includes features to manage and share calendars to schedule meetings with ease, and share files from the cloud so all recipients have the latest version of the file.

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Here are a few features that the best collaboration tools need to have, especially if you want your software development teams to love them. Can you collaborate with members of your software development team via email or a quick Skype call? Sure, but the purpose of this guide is to show you how to take your collaborative efforts to the next level.

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Through group channels, team members can communicate, share updates, and provide feedback on projects. You can set up different channels for different topics, projects, or teams, making it easy to find relevant discussions. With the Wrike Gmail integration, you can effortlessly manage tasks in your inbox and capture work-related data from your inbox. Jenkins or other continuous integration software is very important for teams to install and use in collaborative environments. If there are several developers, it is necessary that they have a tool that merges everything they are developing.

Zoom the most popular video conferencing solution (44%) our respondents use at work, followed by Microsoft Teams (33%) and Google Meet (29%). Anyone who participates in a Zoom meeting can share their screen and transfer files to enhance collaboration. Zoom offers different ways for your team to communicate—it supports phone calls, video calls, and chat. You can get a free version of Slack, and Pro, Business+, and Enterprise Grid are all paid per user per month. There’s the Free plan for up to five users, and the Premium plan is $5 a month per user. Furthermore, with Hubstaff Tasks, you can create Kanban boards for collaboration on different tasks.

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It provides its users with an unlimited number of private repositories. Rather, it is intended to assist developers and testers within an organization in collaborating on projects. This is a packaged tool that allows the user to create tasks and prioritize them for assignment to members of a testing team. It provides transparency into projects and teams, facilitating project organization and allowing you to keep an eye on who is working on what at any given time.

  • As a cloud-based solution, Google has many great software development tools for individuals and remote development teams.
  • Equipping your team with the right tools will go a long way toward improving communication, productivity, and workflows.
  • Using the right tools helps teams resolve roadblocks, maintain version control, and increase productivity.
  • For example, a product marketing team could use a channel to coordinate the launch of a new product, where cross-functional partners can discuss ideas and collaborate on documents in real-time.
  • Each user gets his own mouse, which is a great benefit of the application.
  • Moreover, you can leverage its built-in audio and video capabilities to drive meaningful results.

Besides, it’s a useful tool for the overall project management and development lifecycle and offers premium features for bugs reporting and solutions tracking as well. Trello, undoubtedly, is one of the most popular tools being used by several Fortune-500 companies for project management and collaboration. https://forexarticles.net/getting-started-as-a-project-manager-learning-path/ It’s like your digital whiteboard where you can create, assign, check and mark the tasks for your team. It has a user-friendly environment, where you can create boards and on every board, you can create cards to list out your To-Dos and then cross out each task once it’s been completed.

Challenges of working with team collaboration tools

Each project member can complete their assigned tasks while also connecting with the other members of the team for discussion and knowledge sharing. These tools help stakeholders stay on top of work that is up for review. There are no discrepancies regarding who needs to review which deliverables, as there’s a task with users assigned to them on a tool’s dashboard. Flock, equipped with team messaging and screen sharing, supports effortless team collaboration.

  • With Trello’s standout drag-and-drop Kanban board, you can promptly check out individual task statuses and customize workflows on the fly.
  • Software developers have to handle a huge flow of information, so team communication needs to be effective.
  • In the initial days of a project, the code is manageable and there is no need to manage it from any aspect.
  • Teams can get on the same page to maximize business output with the help from reliable collaboration software.
  • Confluence can be a good solution for the documentation needs of a software development team.

G Suite, aka Google Workspace, puts all of the tech giant’s collaborative tools in one place. Nobody in your team will feel like they’re out of the loop when using Jira, as it lets everyone see what needs to be done, what’s being worked on, and what is completed. The same holds true for stakeholders, as you can use roadmaps to share your plans with them. Slack has a solution for collaborating with other companies and clients, too. Even if they’re not on your team, you can create a Channel and invite them to it. Those labels signify lists on a Trello board, so, for example, all tasks under to-do constitute one list.